Common Dreams

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

By Yogiraj

Scott Gallant and Laura Killingbeck from Rancho Mastatal, Sustainability Education Center, Costa Rica visit the Sat Yoga Ashram.

The Sat Yoga Ashram is our collective dream, come Truth. And while it’s always an honor to share the work being done here and offer the gift of a peaceful reprieve from the relentless daily grind to our visitors, it is particularly exciting to share the growth of Arunachala with those like-minded beings who have, in turn, educated and inspired us in our development of Ashram life. The visit of Scott and Laura from Rancho Mastatal was one such joy.

Laura Killingbeck and Scott Gallant from Rancho Mastatal at the ashram

A few years ago now, I had the opportunity to visit Rancho Mastatal for their Farm to Table Fermentation course. Like the Sat Yogis who had gone before me, I was impressed with the organization and quality of content in this course, as well as with the caliber of educators and care shown to us throughout our stay. There are as many differences as there are similarities between the work being done at Mastatal and the Sat Yoga Ashram, but when we received news that Scott and Laura were available for a visit, we were delighted to reconnect with old friends and the wisdom they bring.

There is a lot to see and a near impossible amount to say in a visit to the Sat Yoga Ashram. One of the many functions we serve is that of a Wisdom School, and within that, the living example of a thriving Premaculture farm and community. The distinctions between Premaculture and Permaculture alone are enough to boggle the mind of all but the most stalwart seeker of Truth. And yet, it is within these divergent ideas that a person might be drawn to Sat Yoga and come to appreciate the many insights that can arise in an environment based on Divine Love, Law, and Truth.

Yogiraj in the fields and the ashram greenhouse

In that light, one of the most impactful experiences we shared on this visit was a presentation from Scott and Laura showcasing the many projects they are engaged in at Rancho Mastatal and the surrounding town. It was a fascinating exchange where they valiantly agreed to an open floor discussion, receiving questions from a yogic community curious to know more about how they have chosen their current life path and what the future might hold for them and our planet. We share the common goals to educate and inspire sustainable living practices in all those we meet, and the evening was an opportunity to learn about the mutual challenges that arise in striving for such ideals. I know that it is in this regard that we have most to offer as a community, and the knowledge to support all those who visit Arunachala seeking practical and empowering solutions to life’s perennial problems.

Another memorable moment during this visit was a unique opportunity to share a meal with our guests where we partook in fermented drinks and vegetables. Ferments had been entirely foreign to our diets, but after having taken the fermentation course with Laura, they have become staples and daily offerings. We are genuinely grateful to Laura for her enthusiasm in teaching this ancient knowledge of food preservation and the role microorganisms play in our daily lives.

Some other areas of interest that we touched on during their stay included:

  • Knowledge of herbal medicines and our ever-growing apothecary project.

  • Our detailed short cycle food matrix system for community dietary choices and planting.

  • Perennial and annual food forest design.

  • Sustainable building practices, as are being utilized in a new home being built here with many of these skills learned through building courses at Mastatal.

  • Logistics and design of community housing and accommodations and waste management systems.

  • The permaculture concept “invisible structures” for community coherence and conflict resolution including the role of Dharma and the advantages of developing a serious meditation practice.

Sat Yoga is interested in networking with communities around the world and embracing and cultivating ideas that will lead to a flourishing of a new world and a new way of being. If you are interested in learning more about Premaculture or connecting with the Sat Yoga community, please know we very interested in hearing from you!



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