Blade Runner: Ego Unmasked

The ashram tradition of movie night continues! Screening films to expand the mind, encourage critical thinking and spiritual development, the sangha gathers to explore the spiritual journey of cosmic consciousness, ego dissolution, and supreme liberation through the lens of film. In this blog, we share with you Shunyamurti's introduction to our recent screening of Blade Runner, the 1982 cult classic directed by Ridley Scott and starring Harrison Ford.

Blade Runner the 1982 neo-noir science fiction film loosely based on Philip K. Dick's novel, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?".

Tonight we will screen the classic original Blade Runner. We are doing this not because of the film itself, but because the metaphor used in this film is accurate. In other words, you must grok the fact that this film is about you. It is about the ego. Every ego. You are a replicant. Do you understand that? The replicant is you. Or as Pink Floyd put it: “The Lunatic is in my head.” And there is no way out of meeting it face to facelessness. “See you on the dark side of the moon.”

Yes, you must go into that black hole at the core of the impostor ego program. Either you will run it through with a blade, or you will run from its blade and submit to the ego’s usurpation of your brain. You are a replicant. And every ego you meet is another replicant. It is the non-replicants who are on the run, the few authentic beings who know they are not the ego, but are not strong enough to defeat it, hide out at the best ashram dojo they can find and master the martial art of Dharma Combat so they can hunt down and destroy the Terminator. You must become an Ex-Terminator.

The human is already a transhuman, in the sense of having been taken over by an alien force. The ego is a mind virus that has infected the Earth, unleashed here by those forces that wanted supremacy in this plane. This mind control warfare method has been almost totally successful. There are only a few sat yogi holdouts left, fighting a rearguard action, holed up in the mountains like Fidel at the beginning of his successful revolution.

The real spiritual revolution requires the overcoming of the replicant armies and their overlords. The Gnostics were right after all. That is why they were nearly eliminated.

The revolution requires leaders, many more leaders than one. Each Sat Yogi must be a spiritual warrior-king, an Ashoka the Great, an Arjun, a king of yogis (a yogi raj). Each one must have the siddhi of invisibility by becoming unmanifest, egoless, silent, still. One must be formless, Nirgun, without qualities. One must be generous (Kalyan) to other warriors, to create an alliance to the death of death. One then becomes the Lord of the World, Jagdish. One becomes the Cosmic Man (Purusha). One becomes the Right Hand Man of God, the Eternal Hero, Hanuman. But to do all this one must be the embodiment of Truth: Satya.

And each Sat Yogini must become a Warrior-Queen, a Goddess of Victory, a Conqueror of Hearts. And each must be merciful enough to grant Freedom to all whom you conquer in the service of the Supreme Lord.

Your assignment is to hunt down and kill the Replicant. You know where to find him. He lives inside your head. If you kill one, you kill them all.

Enjoy Your Happy Hunting Grounds—and bring back your trophy soon.

Shiva appreciates the artistry with which you wield the Blade of Truth. (This is why a knife is called in English slang a Shiv.) Now you must train to be a serial killer. The replicant armies are on the way.



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