Becoming Nobody: A Film Night Tribute to Ram Dass

By Shunyamurti |

This collection of precious moments from the talks and interviews of Ram Dass offers a gracious and honest recollection of the spiritual journey he went through publicly, his growth, humor, self-acceptance, and most importantly, his courage in facing death.

The film is worth sharing with the sangha because Ram Dass both makes the goal of the quest more clear, and because he enables the listener to more clearly understand that the highest aim is within reach.

Ram Dass was a great communicator. He brought a generation along on a ride to chakra four, to the opening of the Heart and the emanation of unconditioned love. Not everyone decided to stay in that frequency, but some made it their new baseline, and from there they caught all the hints thrown out by Ram Dass and free-climbed up the kundalini ladder to chakra seven.

His life was an important fractal in the morphogenetic holofield. He produced a new, kinder and gentler archetype of the Jewish-American upper bourgeois intellectual who became a universal human work in progress, demonstrating both the power of the performativity paradox, and the heart-softening grace that comes from surrender to love. Ram Dass became one of the last role models of living spirituality that captured the global imagination. He lived in accord with principles that kept him in the service of Truth. He lived a calling that carried the sense of responsibility to uphold the Dharma, even when his ego failed to rise to the occasion. He made every fall into a learning and then a teaching. He knew how to turn the poison into nectar. And he conveyed the proper way to carry out the great work of Alchemy, always sitting in the sacrificial fire with a smile.

It is a joy to say good-bye one more time to our old friend Ram Dass, and perhaps shed a tear and a prayer for his luminous ascension. He has earned the right to apply for graduation. But on the other hand, we’d love him to return.



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