Be Free of Ego's Chaos: How to Raise Your Vibrational Level

In this morning teaching from our ost recent Meditation Weekend, Shunyamurti explains that we have been living through a historic period in which the lowest level of the spectrum became dominant—the ego level of consciousness. In prior historic periods, the soul level was dominant, and before that the Spirit. But now, the ego itself is exhausted, and the ego can no longer manage its internal conflicts that are projected as external conflicts.

Awakening in a Dying World:

Coming Out of Denial and Into the Real

A 7-day Transformational Meditation Retreat with Shunyamurti

April 4 - 10, 2020

How are we to understand the unfolding of world events from a yogic perspective? Can we surf the tsunami of chaos with courage and grace? 

Shunyamurti will help us gain a clear perspective on the underlying dynamics and implications of current events on both the individual and collective levels. Understanding yields peace of mind.

Knowledge is power.



Be Free of Ego's Chaos: How to Raise Your Vibrational Level

Each of us exists as a range of consciousness, a spectrum of consciousness, and we have available to us the possibility, at any moment, of attuning to a higher level of that spectrum, a higher wavelength, to tune into the highest possible selfhood. And when we meditate, we want to tune into the supreme Self, that level of selfhood that is no longer identified as an individual, but comprises the entire field of unified consciousness.

We have been living through a historic period, which is known in India as Kali Yuga, in which the lowest level of that spectrum became dominant—the ego level of consciousness. In prior historic periods, the soul level was dominant, and before that the Spirit. But now, the ego itself is exhausted, and the ego can no longer manage its internal conflicts that are projected as external conflicts, and symptoms of suffering in the body, in relationships, in the mind, and in the heart. The sadness, the suffering, the confusion, the inability to cope with what must be faced in life, make the ego an obsolete vehicle of consciousness, and so all of us are called by that force that wishes to be adequate to the situation, and that wishes to know its own ultimate potentiality, so as not to be a victim of one’s environment, one’s world warping, being filled ever more with crises and plagues and wars, and every sort of destructive event, catastrophic geophysical changes, as well as political and economic.

The ego doesn’t know how to manage these, or why they are happening, but at higher levels of our being, of our intelligence, we realize that the world is not some self-standing objective identity, but that it is actually a projection of the collective consciousness, and the world is simply reflecting back to us the ego’s conflicts, and catastrophic ruptures of love and connectivity and joy. And so, we see the external mirroring the internal, and this process must go through to its completion, but that completion is not destruction—that is only the initial phase of a cleansing of consciousness and of the planet, and preparation for a rebirth of consciousness at the highest level—and all who choose to be part of what is being born rather than part of what is dying, and tune into that consciousness of joy, of love, of unity, of peace, not only create islands of that beauty of that energy field that is protective, but contribute to the bringing about of the new world, a new world order—but more than that: a new kind of world that is a paradise in which, again, nature can flourish and consciousness can establish societies that are divine, and that are based on wisdom and love. And once cleansed of the karma of the ego, life will again be beautiful for everyone.

We are not condemned to live in an oppressive world, and, in fact, the benevolent power of that supreme Consciousness is not allowing the suffering of the billions of souls—human, animal, nature itself—Gaia, the planetary consciousness—to continue to suffer. And so, this transformation that is happening now is a blessing, and it is happening at exponential, accelerated speed. In order to be able to maintain our balance, to ride the wave of changes that are occurring, we must bring our consciousness into alignment with the power that is re-dreaming the world before our eyes, and by opening our own inner eye of God-consciousness to be part of that re-dreaming, to be part of the creation of the new world that is coming about as a result of the process of opening the heart again, the process of accepting, forgiving, and releasing all of the old tensions, all of the ego’s anger, and all of the ego’s inability to understand or love.

It’s through the meditative process of the change of our vibrational frequency to accord with the power that is bringing about this great planetary change that enables us to abide as blissful nodes of consciousness that are able to bring healing and peace to those who are confused and anxious because of all of these rapid changes that seem to be causing devastation, and by being able to understand and realize from that level of consciousness that is deathless and fearless and that recognizes the world as its own collective dream field, we will be undisturbed by all of the changes and will be able to bring peace to this world even while it seems to be at its most peaceless condition. The intelligence behind this change, and the goodness, the benevolence that motivates all that, occurs even in the darkest hours when it seems that evil is dominant—all of that is part of the delusion of the ego itself. And once one is free of that delusional level of consciousness, the truth of what is happening, the truth of that eternal process of the unfoldment of Truth and of goodness that will return the world to balance, will enable one to have the faith and the wisdom to navigate one’s way through these times of tribulation, and through the apocalyptic events that we face, and go through that singularity that will result in a rebirth of our cosmos in a state of joy without having any doubts or fears as we go through this immense metamorphosis that we are designed specifically by God to participate in, to enjoy, and to flourish throughout all of these changes. But to do that, we must be united with the Source that is bringing all of this creation, destruction, transformation, revelation into effect.

It is important not to resist. It is important not to be taken over by fear. It is important to be able to be a vehicle of that supreme power that is bringing love back into its dominant position as the guiding force of the world.

And so, the more that we surrender the ego to that higher consciousness, and become saturated with its energies, its information, its frame of reference, and its power of re-dreaming, we will find that we remain safe and we remain indelibly united with that eternal flame, that eternal life that enables our consciousness to sustain its continuity and to develop its latent powers in a way that enables us to function as spiritual warriors, and bring about the victory of the goodness and the love and the light, through our own having become completely purified and filled with that light and love.

All of this is predetermined, and it is our destiny. But to understand how to make the most use of this extraordinary moment that we pass through, we must let go of the petty concerns of the ego—that small frame of reference of narcissistic and egocentric intention that cannot see the larger field of consciousness, and what is really being born in this moment, and be part of that process of divine transformation.

Each awakened being has an important role to play, an indispensable role. But to play that role, we must stop playing the role of the ego, we must stop running away from the Self, we must stop living in private fantasies. We must come to inhabit the mind of God that this world is, and be able to read the language of God in every moment and event of the world, and in our dreams, and in the signs that we are given, and in all of the shifts of states of consciousness that we go through as if in an infinite kaleidoscope. We must remain the viewer and not one of those pieces of colored rock that are being rocked about, in a chaos in which we cannot understand, and cannot act with power or accuracy. We must shift our attention permanently to that level of the Self that is transcendent of the phenomenal plane, that knows we project our consciousness into the body but we are not in the body—the body is in the consciousness, the world is in the consciousness, in that all-embracing, all-pervasive consciousness in which we are all one rather than separate beings. It is that level of consciousness alone that will prevail and that will provide the knowledge base and the empowerment to keep the bodily vehicle and all of those who participate in that vibrational frequency and energy field of love and goodness and light to move through this time in a state of grace.

The attainment of that supreme realization and liberation is not a function of time, but of yearning, of earnestness, of willingness to make it your highest priority, of willingness to focus, to surrender, and one-pointedly, single-mindedly, wholeheartedly make one’s body and mind a living temple of God-consciousness. It is this great work, this alchemical transformation that is our function now that we must perform and complete. The human must become again divine, angelic, beatific, so that we can eliminate all fear and hatred and conflict from the world.

We must live with minds that are silent and pure and see everyone as a manifestation of the same Self. We must live without prejudice, without judgment, without superiority or inferiority complexes, or any other delusions that alienate us from the whole, and what we will discover is that through that act of surrender and unification, we will receive, from the Source, powers that we could not even imagine were possible. Miraculous and magical capacities and synchronicities will bring our life to the most astonishing and thrilling level in which every moment will bring astonishment and joy. We will fulfill our function as healers of one another and of our wounded planet that we have been accomplices in ravaging, and make amends for all the bad karma that all the old souls here have done in many lifetimes, and settle all those karmic accounts so that, with a clean slate, we are able to abide in that absolutes Presence in which all the most exquisite beauty and truth becomes manifest.

It is our nature to be supernatural beings. To accomplish this, we need only let go of all of the false opinions that the ego holds, all of its limitations that are a function of beliefs and materialism and pseudo-science and pseudo-religion and pseudo-whatever beliefs, because all the beliefs that you have learned in the educational system or through the media are false, and all the beliefs of the ego as well. We must let go of those old frames, those old paradigms and be open to the Real without preconception, or else we will censor out the very information we need for our own salvation. We must live in complete openness to receive the inspirations in our intuition that will tell us how to move, what to say, where to go, in order to remain accurately within the protective aura of that power that is guiding us through this time of extreme and rapid and radical transformation.

May we have the wisdom to learn to perceive what is being shown to us and whispered to us by that voice of supreme intelligence within and without. It’s through the silencing of the ego-mind in meditation, in which we learn to remain constantly in that state, even when the body is asleep, that we will remain alert and awakened to the proddings of that supreme power, to behave in the ways that will bring about the optimal results and effects. And in this learning process, if we are humble enough to keep the mind at the zero point of constant reception of new input and new re-contextualization of reality in accord with what we are receiving in those inspired downloads, we will discover that reality is far different from what we think it may be now. And its infinite multi-dimensional potentialities will all be able to manifest in the most benign way to those who are willing to be vessels of that unitive intelligence.

Do not be surprised by whatever happens. Do not be surprised by the most extraordinary events and shifts of your own consciousness that will not require plant medicines or other sorts of supplements, but the vibrational frequencies that you will receive in a natural state will bring about what would have been considered hallucinatory—except that you will know that it is real—of the presence of beings that may be cloaked to your two eyes, but will be visible to the eye of Shiva. May you be fully awakened and illumined to the majestic nature of the events and the offerings that you are being given by those higher powers that are guiding us through this ultimate moment of revelation and redemption.

The more you attune, the faster you will grow, and the greater will be the power that is accumulated so that it can be transmitted for the benefit of all. None of this can be figured out by thinking—only by surrendering the instrument of ordinary thought can the understanding that transcends and “passeth understanding” be integrated into our consciousness. Only through the absolute, meditative silencing of the ego can that infinite consciousness be realized as your Self. May you have the willingness to devote your life energies to bringing this power into your being.



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