Awakening in a Dying World: Coming Out of Denial and Into the Real

Updated: Mar 30

In anticipation of this 7-day Livestream Retreat April 4 - 10, Shunyamurti has written a powerful and inspiring essay invitation to spiritual revolutionaries everywhere!

Those who have come out of denial already require no convincing about the moribund state of our planetary biosphere.

Those who see clearly not only the collapse of the web of life, the global climate emergency, and the increasing seismic instability everywhere, but also the trajectory of the war-prone geopolitical situation, the precarious global financial situation, the decomposition of the civil fabric of nations, the burgeoning corruption and immorality at all levels of society, and the lack of a redemptive vision to turn things around, can easily fall into despair.

It is time to face the implications of our arrival at the historic moment of witnessing the death throes of our planetary civilization. We understand that there is no solution on the social or political level. Our only rational hope is for a large-scale shift of human consciousness to a higher level—a much higher level.

Is such a spiritual revolution possible? What is the science behind it? How to attain the egoless presence that is the Buddha Mind (or Christ consciousness, Paramatman, Allah, or whatever term you prefer)? Is sudden enlightenment really possible? Can we shed the ego like a snake sheds its outgrown skin? The sages say we are designed for just that.

All the current calamities faced by the world are blessings. They are announcing the spawning season of angels. We are being forced to transform under the pressure of massive events of unprecedented upheaval. This is how coal becomes diamond. Our entire world is now caught in a cosmic alchemical process of transmutation. The Diamond Mind, the Philosopher’s Stone, shall be produced as a result.

Those who do not resist, but who have the wisdom to surrender to the Supreme Power behind all this radical metastability of the noosphere, will participate in the joy of transfiguration and be caught up in the ascension that is underway to the next level and dimension of the evolution of our consciousness.

If you wish to accelerate your metamorphosis, and reach the coherence of infinite intelligence, and disseminate the vibratory wave function that will soon manifest a more beautiful and harmonious holographic field, then this retreat will be of great interest to you.

The Real Self is now speeding up the process exponentially on a worldwide basis. But to ride the wave of change and not be overwhelmed by a terrifying tsunami of apparent catastrophes, one must have completed one’s own karmic curriculum. One must have learned enough to graduate from this level of our cosmic university.

It is not a matter of learning more concepts. It is about the attainment of mastery over the instrument of consciousness. We must learn to silence the ego mind, be free of fear and desire, and merge into the One Absolute Self, the Source of Being and Becoming.

This is the moment the Self has chosen for the Final Revelation. We are given the free will to choose this event of the emergence of the Singularity as also our Stargate to Redemption. If you have the courage to pass through ego death and divine rebirth, the conditions now are optimal for liberation.

This retreat will bring together ripe and ready souls to build a morphogenetic energy field capable of saturating the consciousness with the purifying Shakti of supernal illumination. We shall sit in the yagya—the sacrificial Fire of Yoga—until the Great Work of alchemical transformation into perfect Avataric Buddhahood is achieved.

May you be blessed with the wisdom and power of total realization of the Self.



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