Ashram Greenhouse ~ April Updates ~ Seed Saving and Planting

Updated: May 2

By Hanuman |

This month, we are blessed to report healthy harvests and some successful seed saving experiments!

Beautiful Harvests! Fresh tender Espinaca Real, purple and golden beets, shimmering ayote tiernos, and green beans!

Healthy tomatoes, cucumbers, and arugula going to seed have all been loving the sunny, warm weather!

Our seed saving lettuces have all begun bolting! These three small patches of different species of lettuce are growing very healthy, and these are the varieties we’ve selected to save seeds from this year.

Strong ayote plants behind Al-Kauthar have been producing many fruits from which we’ve begun harvesting “tierno,” young and tender. Ruchira has recently begun using ayote tierno regularly in meals and is a great addition to our vegetable arsenal.

We prepared a new planting space to the east of Al-Kauthar that receives full sunshine during most of the day. It has been given the name Spurana, the shining of God’s Light.

The area underwent a major transformation, from hard dry purely clay soil, to a loose blend of sand, compost, and clay covered with mulch. Ready to be planted!

We prepared spaces around the southern and southwestern edges of Al-Kauthar to plant our renowned Arunachala Chile Dulce!

The compost pile that we began in August 2019 is finally ready to use! The soil is very rich and friable, a great addition to our soil mixes. We learned many lessons during this soil making adventure. Soon, we will begin another pile based on these findings and we hope it will be a more concise process.

And, we are ever grateful for the abundance of interesting and amazing creatures that abound here on Arunachala!



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