Ashram Greenhouse ~ December Updates ~ Time for Planting & Harvesting!

Updated: Jan 23

by Hanuman|

It's the dawn of a new age in the Sat Yoga Greenhouses, Al-Kauthar and Sugata. This month's report displays an array of updates on the growth and abundance of produce and projects we are undertaking in our harvest homes.

Beautiful Morning View from inside Al-Kauthar!

The next round of red tomatoes are continuing to grow and enjoying the support of a new string and bamboo trellis design. The yellow mini-Roma tomatoes have been very productive - 11kg through the month of November...and they are extra sweet and flavorful!

Damage done by leaf sucking insects was curbed by strategically placing these yellow sticky traps. Daniel, one of our long-term volunteers, created a new way of hanging them that is easily movable and adjustable.

Personal Retreatants Maurycy and Lani, helping to plant sunflower seeds for microGreens. Lani also helped with planting kale and watering.

Some of the December Immersion Students, Christopher (left) and Peter (right), helped to create a new plantation of Chile Picante at Jagadamba Malaya. They added in their joyful enthusiasm to give this group of plants an extra good start!

Beautiful harvests of:

  • Chile Dulce (8.6kg in Nov)

  • Sugar Snap Peas (5.15kg)

  • Green Beans (700g of new tender beans, the first harvest of a new group of plants!)

  • Okra (2.85kg)

This is just a taste of the abundant projects, routines, and explorations happening daily at the Sat Yoga Greenhouse Complex. Stay tuned for the upcoming transition into the dry season.



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