Ascension in the Age of Aquarius

"Whether we consider it from that perspective of astrology, or we consider it as the “Messianic Age”, the change is underway. The floor has fallen out from under the world’s collective consciousness of what civilization was about, and a new beginning is happening, even though most people are more obsessed with the end, than with the beginning. But our function is to usher in the new..."

A Five Day Online Retreat with Shunyamurti

May 23 - 27, 2020

The Age of Aquarius begins from here, from your own Heart. It flowers as soon as you allow yourself to open to the Fullness of your Supreme Being.

Join us online for five days of intensive satsang, sacred gatherings of truth, and sadhana, spiritual practice, guided by Shunyamurti. The retreat schedule includes seven livestream satsangswisdom teachings, seminars, question and answer sessionsas well as two encounter groups and supplemental materials to support your at-home retreat experience.


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