Personal Retreat

Create your own space of healing and restoration

Our Ashram community is taking full advantage of the current world situation to engage in an intensive sangha retreat. If you are currently residing within Costa Rica, and have a sincere and heartfelt yearning to join us here at the ashram for a restorative personal retreat, we look forward to receiving your application, below.

Find lasting Healing with a personal retreat

Leap into a new frame of reference, re-orient and heal your heart. Take an inner journey beyond the bounds of chaos and the event horizon of the ego, into a new world of timeless beauty.

Restoration of Balance and Vitality​

Be immersed in a field of energy that will re-balance your pranic  flow, open your chakras, restore cellular harmony, and release all traces of stress. Daily yoga and pranayama practice will refill your reservoirs of vital strength and refresh your potencies of resilience. You will enjoy the healthful and delicious vegetarian meals prepared in Ruchira, our ashram kitchen, with mindful loving and skilled culinary attention, using the finest ingredients sourced from our ashram fields and local farmers markets.​

Healing and Reflection

Nurture your Being in our haven of serenity, ease, and quiet joy. Walk on shady country lanes and garden paths and gaze upon the green hills and infinite vistas of exquisite natural surroundings; hike to waterfalls and dip in pools of refreshing clean clear water; reflect and journal in the many sacred spots with comfortable places to sit and meditate in the pristine environment of our Ashram, that has been designed with your well being in mind.

Imagine your perfect retreat...

The Sat Yoga Ashram and community offers many ways to heal and rejuvenate. We are here to assist you in creating your perfect retreat.


Discover the healing power of meditating within the sacred energy field of the Sat Yoga Ashram. Gathering together to sit in inner silence, abiding in pure presence, will bring changes to your body and your personality—deeper serenity, youthfulness, health, and happiness, will emerge spontaneously the longer you stay. We offer meditation tuition with a senior yogi for those who are just discovering or looking to deepen their practice. You will not be the same person as before.

One-to-one Healing

Through years of study, yogic training and clinical experience, Shunyamurti has created a revolutionary approach to inner work called Atmanology.

Offering a modality of spiritual healing that goes far beyond energy work or psychology—to catalyze ego transcendence and release of all remains of suffering. These are one-to-one confidential meetings that involve freewheeling, free association dialogue, energy raising, and other interventions that are appropriate. Expect surprise, massive influxes of light, awe, tears, laughter, stillness, and the grace of true Presence. 

Yoga asana, bodywork and massage therapies

Explore and deepen your yoga asana practice. We offer a range of practices and instruction in asana and pranayama. Private tuition is available upon request as well as group classes.

We can also offer a variety of massage and physical well-being packages to nourish and rejuvenate the body. Please fill in the form below to create your perfect healing package.


Nature is your Neighbor


Nestled within our flourishing gardens, a winding path leads to your home as you enter into the transformational journey to your own innermost nature.


Your bhavan, or spiritual abode, offers you two bathrooms, a small kitchen, a living room, two balconies, and a bedroom with a queen size bed.


Your private balconies and large windows overlook the natural beauty of the surrounding forests and gardens, providing the perfect conditions for meditation and relaxation.

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T10_Balcony Surrounded By Natural Beauty
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