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Welcome to the Wishlist Payment Page

20 x Planting pots    - plastic

Price: $40 / We need: 10

Please press the button below to open our bank's secure Online Payment Gateway.  

- Thank You and Namaste!


Please send an email to

Transaction Denied?

In the event that your transaction attempt is denied, we would like to recommend a few simple steps that should resolve this quickly.

Step One: Keep the transaction under $2,000

Our local bank policy limits Sat Yoga’s online credit card transactions to a maximum of $2,000 per transaction.

If you are coming for an extended stay and are trying to transact an amount exceeding $2,000, please break the transaction into two (or more) smaller payments. 

Step Two: Inform your bank

Unless you live in Costa Rica this transaction probably extends beyond what your bank considers “customary purchase behavior.”  The transaction could have been blocked as a security precaution. 


Call your bank and inform them that you’d like to make a payment of $X to the Asociación de la Orden Espiritual de Sat Yoga in Costa Rica.  Give your bank a few minutes to make the entry into the system before trying your online payment again.

Step Three: Try a different browser or a different computer

Some visitors have reported that switching from one browser to another, or computers, has enabled their payment to go through. This could be on account of the security settings or other limitations.

Step Four: Contact us

In the unlikely event these three steps have not resolved the problem, please contact Priya, our Wishlist coordinator, as soon as possible so that she may assist you in troubleshooting or discussing other methods of payment. 

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