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Your help is Needed!

If our spiritual community excites your own yearning for a new way of living, or you have been inspired by Shunyamurti's teachings, or want to help us develop further as a learning and healing center, then we invite you to explore this page and the options available.

If you appreciate the urgency to actualize a new vision of human existence, before the current civilization ends in collapse—and if you want to assist in supporting our spiritual vision for planetary rebirth, please contribute to sustain this intelligently designed and vital project.  


Our wishlist focuses on four ashram departments that could most benefit from specific gifts essential to their development and growth. We invite you to visit our Wishlist, where you can learn more about how you can directly support each department with much-needed equipment.

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We rely on word of mouth to spread the transformative teachings of Shunyamurti and knowledge of the existence of our ashram community—and the opportunities to join. If you have been impacted by this project, there is nothing more powerful than your own testimony. Become an ambassador for our work. Click on the links below to connect on social media and share our story.

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If you've been enjoying Shunyamurti's teachings online then you'll love our Wisdom Library. Be inspired and empowered by a constant flow of Luminous Truth into your consciousness. Online community members receive new advanced offerings including four new teachings each month, unparalleled access to Shunyamurti's essays as well as the privilege of asking personal questions directly to Shunyamurti.


Join us for a seven-day retreat led by Shunyamurti, or for one of our meditation weekends, or, if possible, for one of our extended stays. These offerings are empowering and transformative, and the ideal way to be initiated into Sat Yoga and this uplifting and beautiful way of life. If you are ready to explore the depths and heights of pure consciousness and experience the luminous bliss that can be attained at our ashram, we invite you to learn more.

We have opened up three full-time volunteer positions in the following ashram departments: organic farming, ashram kitchen, and video production. If you have the skills, experience, time, and desire, we invite you to apply. 


If you have received the inner call to help build a new world, we offer expedited residential membership tracks. To begin your journey, please come to attend a retreat or immersion program, so we can get to know each other. If you resonate with the energy field and the Dharma and want to consider the option of transplanting your life here, we look forward to opening that conversation.

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