Find clarity in your life, develop your meditation practice, heal yourself from suffering and discover your inner Self.

Program Details:

  • Length of Program:

10-Day Program:  Jan 31 - Feb 9, 2020

4-Week Program: Jan 31 - Feb 29, 2020

  • Accommodations: Our charming cabins (bhavans)

  • Meals: Three delicious vegetarian meals a day with ingredients from our organic garden

  • Meditation Weekend led by Shunyamurti begins the Immersion

  • Classes: Daily classes in the understanding of the mind. Special satsangs and Questions & Answers with Shunyamurti. Healing arts, such as painting and drama therapy

  • Community life: Morning meditation and evening classes with the community and 7 – 10 weekly hours of karma yoga 

  • Asanas: Sunrise yoga practice overlooking the mountains

  • Optional one-to-one sessions: Shunyamurti has created a revolutionary dyadic approach to inner work called Atmanology​

  • Time to reflect: Enjoy walks and contemplation in the beautiful natural setting of the ashram 

  • Contribution: From $1550. Local rates for Costa Rican residents also available. Learn more below

Take a Quantum Leap on your Path Through Yogic Wisdom and Meditation. 


The Sat Yoga Ashram Immersion is a carefully developed program of practical wisdom classes, plus several daily meditation sittings, satsangs in the company of Shunyamurti, immersion in community life and opportunities for karma yoga.

Come to understand the structure of the human ego, how it operates and limits your day-to-day life and discover maps of consciousness to enable you to traverse the ego level and function in Soul-consciousness, then on to Pure Spirit. 


An ashram immersion offers you a sacred space to heal and transform. An ashram is the most ancient archetypal form of community. It is a school, a monastery, a refuge for Spirit to flourish, a pilgrimage center in which the highest wisdom is offered, and the most sublime values are lived and shared with all. 

A 10-day or 4-week Ashram Immersion Program

Starting January 31, 2020

Awaken Your Sacred Vision

What is an Ashram Immersion Program Like?

Sample Daily Schedule:
  • 4:00am   – Community morning meditation 

  • 5:00am   – Personal time: yoga, exercise, read

  • 7:00am   – Karma Yoga (communal service) 

  • 8:00am   – Breakfast

  • 9:00am   – Immersion Gyana Class     

  • 11:00am – Personal reflection time 

  • 1:00pm   – 1:45pm – Lunch

  • 1:45pm   – Clean up and chores

  • 2:30pm   – Personal time

  • 5:30pm   – Evening meditation or class

  • 7:00pm   – 7:30pm –  Dinner

  • 9:00pm  –  Lights Out

The testimonials, statements, and opinions presented on our website apply to the individuals depicted. Results will vary. The testimonials were voluntarily provided and are not paid, nor were they provided with free products, services, or any benefit in exchange for said statements. The testimonials are representative of the retreatant's experience, but the exact results and experience will be unique to each being.

Immersion Teaching Team

Our Study and Meditation Immersion Programs are guided and overseen by Shunyamurti and curated by Radha Ma, the Gyana Director at the ashram and the head of the immersion teaching team. 


Your contribution includes accommodations in one of our delightful cabins, all meals, and activities during your stay. 

10-Days  - $1550

4-Weeks - $3100

Shared Room /
Shared Bathroom

10-Days  - $1900

4-Weeks - $3795

Private Room /
Shared Bathroom

10-Days  - $2470

4-Weeks - $4485

Private Room / 
Private Bathroom


~ Costa Rican residents please inquire for the local rate ~

New Costa Rican Sales Tax

On July 1, 2019, a new sales tax came into effect in Costa Rica. Our visit coordinator will inform you of the final price + tax. 

Scholarship Fund

The Sat Yoga Scholarship Fund was created to offer retreat and program scholarships to a wider community of serious seekers looking for a sacred space to heal and grow spiritually, who may be in need of financial assistance. We ask your support to enable us to welcome more people who yearn for Self-realization. Please consider donating to the scholarship fund so we can provide the needed assistance in our environment of wisdom and love.  If you wish to join us, but have limited financial resources, please visit our Scholarship Fund page.


General Requirements for Prospective Applicants

Please take your time to review the points below to ensure that this is the right program for you.

  • A sincere interest and, ideally, some experience in meditation

  • A genuine desire to practice a less egocentric mode of living

  • Commitment to the goal of ego transformation and transcendence is always at the core of everything we do. For this reason, we ask participants to commit to the keeping of the Yamas and Niyamas (ethical yogic vows) and upholding our Ashram Guidelines for the duration of their stay here.

  • Familiarity and resonance with Shunyamurti’s teachings before applying.

  • Completion of Shunyamurti’s book, The Transformational Imperative before arriving (buy The Transformational Imperative now)

  • A willingness to take part in transformational healing (Atmanology) sessions.

  • The ability to cheerfully cope with the challenges of living in an active and hard-working monastic community

  • The ability to adapt to our diet which is strictly vegetarian, with some gluten free and vegan options available. Although we aim to cater to everyone’s dietary needs and preferences, we cannot accommodate acute food sensitivities or allergies

  • A willingness to live in a remote location: we are a 45 minutes drive from clinics, shops, and other services, and there is no regular shuttle service or public transportation directly to the ashram

  • Financial resources to cover your personal needs (including all insurances, medical care/emergencies, transportation, and visa costs if coming from another country) for the duration of your stay

  • You must be at least 18 years old by your prospective date of arrival

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