Meditation Weekend Retreats


Meditation within the sacred energy field of the Sat Yoga Ashram, Costa Rica

The Beauty and the Power of Inner Peace

Join Shunyamurti for a weekend meditation retreat at the Sat Yoga Ashram and come to learn about the original meaning and purpose of meditation and how to overcome the obstacles to find lasting inner peace.

Spend three days and two nights in a magical spiritual refuge of peace and natural beauty. 

These sacred Meditation Weekends include essential teachings on the subjects of yoga, meditation, and spiritual development, as well as silent and guided meditations.

Shunyamurti, an uncanny spiritual guide, and the founder and director of the Sat Yoga Institute and Ashram, personally leads these events. At these weekends you will be introduced to Quantumplation,

the most radical and instantaneous form of meditation.

The teachings become deeper and more direct each time. Visitors are warned to expect a shocking level of sudden happiness!

The Majesty of Nature

Experience the majesty not only of your Supernature, but also of God’s Dreamfield of misty mountains, green forests, cascading rivers, and flowering multicolored fragrant gardens. Enjoy heavenly vegetarian meals, most of it grown in our organic gardens, and prepared three times daily in our ashram kitchen.

Heart opening encounters

Your defenses will melt and your heart will open wider than you imagined possible, astonished by the beauty you encounter, and by a community of kind and inspiring beings. Let your consciousness be liberated from all conflict, with the help of Shunyamurti's words of power and his transmission of the Light, as you are saturated by the ecstatic energies of your Highest Self.​

From $300* / Three-days, two-nights

* Green season Early Bird Rate - Costa Rican Residents please inquire for local prices

What is Meditation? 

“Meditation is the act of questioning the relationship to thought, body and world.”

In this video teaching, recorded during the opening class of a Meditation Weekend Retreat, Shunyamurti defines meditation, and offers us a thought experiment to help us overcome our obstacles to meditation.

The Sat Yoga Ashram is a refuge of pristine natural beauty. Concealed by its encompassing cloud forest, in the misty mountains of southern Costa Rica. You will feel a different kind of energy as you enter the ashram land.

Upcoming Meditation Retreats

November 20 - 22, 2020

The Direct Path: Liberation Now!

Shunyamurti led weekend of meditation, wisdom, & empowerment. (con traducción en español)

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