Sat Yoga Foundation

Restoring Nature, Life, and Culture Through Creative Intelligence in Action

What will it take to re-dream the World?

Sat Yoga Foundation is devoted to the renewal of our ravaged planet and our corrupted culture. 

The Sat Yoga Foundation is breaking through the inertial resistance of obsolete ideas to show the way to renaissance in all dimensions of our existence: ecological, social, artistic, psychological, and spiritual.

We are engaged in developing innovative approaches in such projects as reforestation, watershed protection, erosion control, and development of wildlife corridors and sanctuaries—and the general mitigation of ecological damage and the augmentation of optimal futures through apt creative management of complexity at the edge of chaos.

We also function in the fields of education, counseling, communication, and networking with a wide variety of civic groups, sister eco-communities, and service-oriented public agencies and social organizations. We offer seminars in leadership, community building, intelligence expansion, higher psycho-spiritual development, couple and family relational improvement, wholesome child-raising, and sustainable agricultural practices.

Advancing simultaneously in the service of our

ecological, social, and spiritual needs as a planetary culture:


Our first principle: Be practical. We begin at the level of life itself: serve the natural environment. We are located within a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve with almost seventy percent of our land under forest protection. These efforts are helping regenerate the watershed of Savegre, our local valley.  Constantly learning, improving, and sharing our hard-earned wisdom, providing a living model of  sustainable community to inspire restorative action in other regions of the world. We consider ourselves at the beginning of a journey into a new paradigm of reparative terraforming—to alter the fate of our Earth in favor of Life.

We are creating wildlife corridors and sanctuaries, protecting the many species of birds and other beings for whom this land is home. We are experimenting with innovative practices to guarantee food security through agricultural biodiversity as well as dietary modification for healthier and more sustainable living. We are learning from the past and creating new approaches for the future with off-grid construction methods as well as water and soil protection with improved composting toilets, pruning and mulching, and lombricomposting, in fact, we are re-thinking every settled practice in waste management. 

Social Networking

In cooperation and collaboration there is strength.


Together we can accomplish what no single individual or isolated settlement can achieve. We change ourselves through helping others. And as we heal ourselves, we become a healing center, a resource for the whole society, and a think tank for troubleshooting planetary problems. 

We are now working with the leaders and residents of local villages such as San Cayetano, Savegre, and San Marcos, to share our knowledge of sustainable agricultural practices, as we learn more about mostly-forgotten indigenous practices that are enabling the remote outliers to thrive while more sophisticated efforts may fail for lack of deep attunement to Nature’s language.

Art, Psychology, and the Spiritual

Full enjoyment of life


True restoration of our original bliss requires us to develop and operate from higher intelligence and love. Thus, the core of our project is a wisdom school, in which our capacities for discernment and critical thinking, integrated with those for love and creativity, are developed to the maximum. Our ashram thus offers an empowering environment for healing. The obstacles quickly lose their ability to detain Awakening.

The wisdom school has given birth to a new foundation. The Sat Yoga Foundation is a vehicle for our community to reach out and serve the world on all the levels that are needed, not just the spiritual. We want to provide resources and training to assist current and future leaders who are working with integrity for preservation of the environment, peace and human uplift. We encourage people to think outside the box, to find innovative solutions to the problems we are facing, using the full potencies of higher consciousness

If you are inspired, participate in re-dreaming our world.

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