Extended Ashram Stays

Deepen your process of transformation

A sacred space to heal and transform

Join us for ten days, a month or more...

Our extended stay programs offer you the opportunity to join in all community classes and activities, including individual transformational healing sessions, and include ample free time for reflection, meditation, creative expression, and enjoyment of Nature, while gaining the exquisite delight of egoless practice of karma yoga.

Step into this safe and love-filled hermetically sealed vessel and let the power of Presence do the work of alchemical transformation. You will be guided adeptly through the sacred process of ego death and divine rebirth.

Situated in the mountains of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, the Sat Yoga Ashram is an oasis of beauty and peace where you can experience an energy field of serenity, joy, and silence.


Experience the majesty of the misty mountains, forests, rivers, and gardens. Enjoy mouth-watering vegetarian meals, mostly grown in our organic gardens, and prepared three times daily in Ruchira, our ashram kitchen.

Extended Stay Programs 

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Study & Meditation Immersion

10-days or 4-Weeks

Find clarity in your life, develop your meditation practice, heal yourself from suffering, and discover your inner Self.

Upcoming start dates:

Ashram Experience

10-days or 4-Weeks

Live, serve, learn, and meditate together with our resident community members. Gain a new understanding of your life.

  • Due to the Coronavirus, our next Ashram Experience has been postponed to 2021

After the successful completion of a four-week Ashram Immersion Program participants who wish to stay longer at the ashram can apply to join our Sevadhari Karma Yoga Program.


3 - 6 Months

Volunteers are an integral part of the Sat Yoga Ashram, enabling deep and nourishing connections. Volunteers support our daily work and receive an accelerated initiation into ego transcendence. Our volunteer program is an intense three to six-month immersion into yogic life.


Meditation, Transformational, and Silent Retreats


A spiritual retreat led by Shunyamurti is a powerful and life-changing event. Shunya speaks eloquently of profound truths that open our hearts and minds to the purity of divine love. His words and presence bring an end to confusion and doubt.

10-Day Program:  August 14 - 23, 2020

4-Week Program: August 14 - September 10, 2020

Immersion Program

An intensive 10-day or 4-week study and meditation program

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