Beloved Friends of Sat Yoga Ashram and Members of our Cosmic Sangha,


We Sat Yogis continue to raise our vibrational frequency through the practice of inner silence and focus on the deepest level of Presence. Our unwavering mission is to inspire and serve as examples of the capacity to abide in serenity, joy, unconditional love, and egoless acceptance of the unfoldment of the world drama in this holographic multiplex of consciousness that is our divine playground. Our ashram is dedicated to serving the collective awakening during this climactic moment in the story of our planet and the quest of redemption of the human Spirit. We want to offer as many spaces as possible for sincere seekers to join us in this endeavor, both in the apparent flesh and in the other virtual reality online.


Due to ongoing government restrictions, international visitors generally still cannot arrive here. But if you are already in Costa Rica, if you have a truly heartfelt yearning to be here with us at the ashram for a transformational retreat with Shunyamurti, or a restorative personal retreat, please email Amrita, our Visit Coordinator, who will gladly guide you through the application process.


We will continue to livestream our satsangs and online retreats for our global sangha for as long as possible, and all are invited to attend these powerful life-changing gatherings that bring us back into connection with the healing energy of the One Self, and recalibrate our minds in alignment with Truth, Beauty, Wisdom, Power, and Love. Please sign up for our newsletter if you want to receive the latest information about our upcoming events:


A Three-Day Retreat Guided by Shunyamurti

A Five-day Shunyamurti Transformational Meditation Retreat


You can also join our Members Section if you wish to stay up to date with the ashram curriculum, including Shunyamurti’s most recent wisdom teachings, book groups, guided meditations, essays, and the entire archive of specially selected content.


Blessings for Awakening, Illumination and Liberation!



Sat Yoga Sangha



“We're in a very accelerated moment, and because the speed of time is accelerating, the speed of our own capacity to grok must accelerate if we are to ride the wave and not be submerged by it, so that we can serve God in this time of liberation that we are passing through, and that is passing through us, and transforming us—all of us.”


Spiritual Preparation for Social Collapse Retreat

Shunyamurti will be offering the ashram residents and our online members advanced spiritual training to enable everyone in the community and around the world to function at maximum capacity. 

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