Beloved Friends of Sat Yoga Ashram and Members of our Cosmic Sangha,


Here at the ashram, we continue our inner work of transcendence of ego through the practice of Self remembrance, insights gained in highly charged transformation sessions, powerful paradigm-shifting teachings, and augmentation of the communal energy field through increased time in group meditations. Our unwavering mission to serve as examples of the capacity to abide in empowered serenity, joy, unconditional love, and detached understanding of world events continues. Soon, God willing, it will again be our privilege to be able to welcome sincere seekers from abroad to the ashram!


Costa Rica has announced that beginning August 1st, 2020, the border will be open to international commercial flights from the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Canada. 


People who travel to Costa Rica from those destinations must comply with the following:

  • Complete a COVID test 48 hours before travel to Costa Rica;

  • Complete a digital epidemiology form before arrival;

  • Acquire travel insurance that covers all expenses in case of quarantine or infection.


For those sincere seekers who are able to join us in person at the ashram, we look forward to the gift of your presence for one of our upcoming retreats and transformational programs:



Since we do not know if or how long the borders will remain open, given the uncertainty of conditions, we urge those who are considering joining our community to come as soon as possible, while the window of opportunity is open!


Please always check with Amrita at before making any travel arrangements for the latest news on government and ashram protocols to come to Costa Rica and to our ashram.


We will also continue to livestream our satsangs and online retreats for our global sangha for as long as possible. All are invited to attend these powerful life-changing gatherings that bring us back into connection with the healing energy of the One Self and recalibrate our minds in alignment with Truth, Beauty, Wisdom, Power, and Love.


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Blessings for Awakening, Illumination, and Liberation!



Sat Yoga Sangha

"We are in a very accelerated moment, and because the speed of time is accelerating, the speed of our own capacity to grok must accelerate if we are to ride the wave and not be submerged by it so that we can serve God in this time of liberation that we are passing through, and that is passing through us, and transforming us—all of us."


Spiritual Preparation for Social Collapse Retreat

Shunyamurti will be offering the ashram residents and our online members advanced spiritual training to enable everyone in the community and around the world to function at maximum capacity. 

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