Beloved Friends of the Sat Yoga Ashram and Members of our Cosmic Sangha,


Our Ashram community is taking full advantage of the current world situation to engage in an intensive Corona Retreat. We have closed the ashram to visitors so that our yogis can give continuous attention to being worthy of receiving the Crown of Light that is now being offered by the Supreme Self to those who are ready to lead the human species to a divine reordering of the world. This in turn will enable us to create a transmission tower of infinite spiritual strength that we can send out to all souls everywhere who remain under the influence of the ego and are therefore suffering in one way or another.


 At this point, it seems likely that events will require sustaining this closure at least through the end of May. Of course, our project began on 9/11 in 2001, when this and other events still to unfold were clearly foreseen, and our growing family of stalwart yogis have been working very hard for all these years to prepare both spiritually and physically, so that we would be ready to serve during this time of global emergency. For us, it is the time of global emergence of the highest level of human potentiality, which deserves to be called God consciousness.


Many people are already under lockdown in their countries, forced to stay at home or to shelter in place wherever they are. In a sense, the world is being turned into a giant monastery, with each monk left to pray in his or her own cell for salvation. Please do use this precious time to meditate, to silence the ego mind forever, and to become a living temple of God. That is the underlying meaning of this historic moment.


The more time you spend in the radiant light of the Supreme Presence, the more power of health will be received by your organism, the more will power you will have at your disposal to endure the privation of food and medical care, and the less you will feel any need for any other source of support. The prana will flow through your organs and keep your immune system strong, Shakti will gradually replace the need for food, and the bliss of the Self will dissolve all fear and all desire. This is the time to return to the One Self. God is giving us all a forced occasion to slow down, to reconsider the nature of reality, to re-calibrate our values, to renounce the ego and its delusions, and to be spiritually reborn as unified manifestations of the Transcendent and All-pervading Luminous Intelligence known variously by such names as Shiva, Allah, Brahman, Jehovah, Christ or Buddha Nature, or the Dao. Out of the many shall now emerge the One.


For now, we will shift our offerings entirely online until we are able to welcome people to the ashram again. During the lull that will come, some of you may want to apply to join the community. We hope that there will still be time and funds to build more housing for you. We are working to make that possible. Meanwhile, as part of our continuing mission to awaken souls to the Truth and Power of the Real Self, we will be offering a series of videos to inspire, clarify, and empower you to thrive during this time of testing. We will also be live-streaming many of our satsangs and retreats for as many of you as possible. 


The Supreme One will be offering the ashram residents and our online members advanced spiritual training to enable everyone to attain Liberation in an exponentially accelerating manner. We have entered into a period of very intensive and disciplined sadhana, to purify the body and the soul, to ascend beyond the plane of karma, and to be able to emanate spiritual power to all. Keeping the body healthy is a by-product of keeping the consciousness at the Zero Point of Absolute Being. Do not give in to the demon of fear. Wherever you are, you are in the merciful hands of the Loving, Living God.


We invite you to stay connected to the wisdom, the life energy, the love, and the vibrational frequency of God consciousness that we are transmitting:



You also have the opportunity to do the very good karma of helping us help you. The ashram is out of funds and because of this necessary closure, we will not be receiving any of the income our retreats usually bring in. If you have the resources, please know that we need to purchase equipment immediately to ensure that we can continue to offer live-stream gatherings, and of course many other preparations for the long haul. We shall all endure and build a new world together as we unify our hearts and form an energy field of such divine power that miracles will appear as needed, and a new age of Beauty, Goodness, and Truth shall be born of our efforts.




Shunyamurti will be offering the ashram residents and our online members advanced spiritual training to enable everyone in the community and around the world to function at maximum capacity. 

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