Choosing a Retreat

Which retreat is right for me?

Sat Yoga is the Science of Consciousness

The Sat Yoga Ashram and Shunyamurti are here to energize and accelerate your alchemical process of transformation and your direct realization of the Formless Self.

Sat Yoga offers a program every month of the year, so there are plenty of opportunities to join us. This page will help you discover which retreat is right for you.

Every retreat is held in a luminous energy field of radiant love, where you can find the answers to your heart’s deepest and most urgent questions.

Expect every program to offer a combination of theory and practice, including guided inner journeys into altered states of Being. You will receive a unique synthesis of wisdom of both East and West, with the insights of psychology and physics pointing to the truth of Oneness.

Two different kinds of offerings...


Study and meditate with Shunyamurti

Extended Stays

Deepen your process of transformation


A spiritual retreat led by Shunyamurti is a powerful and life-changing event.


Shunya speaks eloquently of profound truths that open our hearts and minds to the purity of divine love, the overpowering cascade of Shakti, and the inconceivable serenity of the solitude of the One Self. His words and presence bring an end to confusion and doubt.


The vast  knowledge he shares integrates all aspects of life and every field of science, from quantum physics to nonlinear dynamics, from dreamwork and psychoanalysis to ancient Greek philosophy and forgotten teachings of Buddhism, Taoism, and the original forms of Yoga.

During retreats you will have the unique opportunity of meeting in group with Shunyamurti two to three times a day for meditations, gyana wisdom classes and satsang.  We encourage you to consider one of these events if you are seeking to be with Shunyamurti, looking to break through ego illusion and want to have many opportunities to meditate in the energy field of a master.

Meditation Weekends

This is the shortest of our programs and the perfect way to take a quantum leap on your spiritual path. You will get a taste of the intoxicating wisdom and potent energy field of our retreats while also communing with our ashram residents and touring our premaculture gardens.


You will be introduced to Quantumplation - the most radical and instantaneous form of meditation. It is so named because the quantum is the most elementary unit of energy in the cosmos, arising from the unified field. The quantum is the point source of the sense of Self. We offer five weekend events a year.

Shunyamurti 7-day Retreat

A week-long retreat with Shunyamurti is an authentic rite of passage. These intensive events are filled with life-changing insights, indescribable euphoria, and roller coaster rides through the ego’s turbulent resistances, resolved during guided processes, and settled by the dawning of a new sense of Self, in the serenity of total acceptance.

These are often themed retreats. There are also more opportunities to engage in reflection and integration practices such as art, writing and nature walks.

Silent Retreats

Silence brings relief from the command to socialize, allows a deeper sinking into stillness and separation from the thinking mind. In the solitude of inner silence, your heart can reawaken to the beauty of authentic presence.

If you wish to cultivate the practice of silence and meditation while still being in community and enjoying sacred satsang then this retreat is for you. Come prepared for a true pilgrimage into the inner sanctum of your soul and the awesome revelation of your Holy Spirit..

“My first visit to Sat Yoga Ashram was an amazing experience. It showed me the path through presence, simplicity and purity. During the year I did some serious thinking, which led to new questions. That’s why I decided to come back for an Immersion Program. The quantity of information offered during a retreat is enormous and one truly needs time to process it. That’s why joining an Immersion after a retreat is the best thing to do.”


Nikola, Slovenia


Extended Stays

Enter into the deepest mode of transmutation, by giving yourself the priceless gift of time, all the time necessary, to bathe in the baptismal pool of healing love, that often feels more like the Fire of Truth, to free your life from all residues of suffering wrought by a pseudo-self.  


Take the time you need to assimilate the teachings into your Being, to reflect upon your choices, and reconsider your options, your yearnings, the meaning of your life. You don’t need to wait for a midlife crisis, but if you are in one, the best way out is to go even deeper within. Our specialty is lighting your way through the dark night of the soul.

Immersion Program

10-day or 4-week study and meditation intensive

The Immersion Programs offer a unique opportunity to engage in a serious, intensive process of inner transformation while also overcoming ego through communal service, continual self-discipline, and dharma-based community living.


This program is a portal to the gyana (supreme knowledge) teachings of Sat Yoga, starting from an understanding of the ego and the soul, the kundalini pathways, and the opening to the Infinite that is your inherent destiny. This retreat gives you the tools to change your life and reveals the treasures that await you when you do.

This is a full immersion in the ashram lifestyle and wisdom school curriculum that will accelerate your spiritual development like no other experience can. If your aim is liberation from the ego and realization of God, this is a nonstop flight.

Ashram Experience

The Ashram Experience gives you the rare opportunity to live, serve, learn and meditate together with our resident community members. You will gain priceless insights, friendships, and heart-melting moments of divine love that can change your life forever. 

As well as extended time for meditation and contemplation our Ashram Experience Program offers you the opportunity to spend time alongside our ashram residents and take part in some of the artisan skills that form an integral part of our everyday life such as cheese making, fermentation, bread baking, honey production, herbal medicine and tincture making.

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