Abide in Infinite Intensity – Shunyamurti Reads Hongzhi

Summary: Shunyamurti reads from Hongzhi’s “Cultivating the Empty Field”, noting that most of these teachings are not understood by the postmodern ego because of its fragmentation and anxiety, but if one can gain distance from thinking, and maintain a cool, dry mind, we can move from sensory intensity to supersensory intensity and recover our infinite imagination.
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  1. How does one overcome the fear of non-existence? In your talk about sacrificing the negative inner child, you said that by disciplining yourself you should overcome fear. Is it that simple?

  2. I relate to Shunyamurti’s teaching. My ego has got an even greater hold of me since the beginning of the lockdown. Due to an availability of free time it has lured me into numerous fantasies about ‘myself’. These fantasies all promise liberation from the anxiety and stress i perceive, but in the end only create more misery. How to balance the need of discipline and the resistance of the ego that for sure will come? I have experienced imposing discipline on myself don’t work either.

  3. Listened to this a second time gathering the pearls of what is said here thank you Shunyamurti for teachings am continuing onward. and inward to the ocean i go

  4. Very interesting, what is the significance of the Patch-robed monks? Perhaps the egos many facets?

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Information, energy, or nonlinear change that occurs as the effect of events that take place in the future and alter the past, which is perceived in the present as non-ordinary phenomena, synchronicities, unpredictable emergent properties or other notable explicate arisings. The source of such forces may also lie beyond chronological time, in higher dimensions of the Real.

The process of non-process:

Since awakening is instantaneous, along with the recognition that one was never really in the dream, but enjoying the creation of the dream, it must be understood that making awakening into a process can only be part of the dream, and has nothing to do with Awakening itself.

The Real:

When we speak of the Real, unless otherwise qualified, we mean the Supreme Real. The Supreme Real does not appear. Appearance is not Real. All that appears is empty of true existence. There are no real things. All that is phenomenal is temporary, dependent, and reducible to a wave function of consciousness. The world does not exist independent of consciousness. There is no matter or material world. All is made of consciousness. Pure consciousness is Presence. It is no-thing, non-objective, not in space or time. All that appears in Presence, or to Presence, is an emanation of Presence, but is not different from That. This is one meaning of nonduality.

The Real is also a term used in Lacanian psychoanalysis. What Lacan means by the Real is that aspect of phenomenal appearance which is overwhelming, traumatic, or impossible. We would call that Real One. It is a relative Real, not Absolute. We add that there is a Real Two, which consists of divine love. Love is not an appearance, but it changes appearance, through recognition of its Source, into a divine manifestation, a projection of God’s sublimely beautiful Mind as infinite fractal holographic cosmos. Real Three is the unchanging Absolute, beyond all conception or image.

Dharma and dharma:

When we use the term Dharma (capitalized), we refer to our dedication to living in accord with the timeless principles of impeccable integrity that keep us in harmony with Nature and our Supernatural Source.

When we use the term without capitalization, we refer to our acceptance of the community’s processes, protocols, and chain of command with the “Haji! Spirit” of going the “extra mile” and working overtime when necessary to make the impossible inevitable, as our unconditional act of surrender to Love.