Saturday, March 14, 2020

Open House and Satsang with Shunyamurti

Spend the morning - or the whole day - experiencing the sacred world of divine living. The Sat Yoga Ashram will be opening its doors for an open house to seekers who have a sincere interest in spiritual growth and liberation. If you are earnestly searching for a higher way of living and would like to taste the joy, love, peace, and wisdom that is part of ashram communal living, we encourage you to reserve soon.

The morning will begin with a short orientation at our main lodge, followed by a satsang gathering under the majestic Tree of Life, a giant ficus in the heart of our gardens. The satsang will include a meditation and talk by Shunyamurti, the founder and director of the Sat Yoga Ashram.

You will then have the opportunity to enjoy refreshments and get to know members from our ashram community. 

For those staying on for the whole day, we will continue with an introductory ashram tour, where you will learn about our story, our sustainable practices and see our beautiful gardens.

The day will culminate with a bountiful and delicious vegetarian feast from our ashram kitchen and more time to connect with fellow spiritual seekers on the path.

We will offer...

  • Arrival orientation

  • Meditation and talk with Shunyamurti

  • Refreshments 

  • Ashram tour

  • Community lunch


Satsang & Refreshments Only - Love Offering

Satsang, Tour, and Lunch - $20



We ask that each individual registers for him or herself by filling in the form below. 


A talk given by Shunyamurti under the Tree of Life 

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