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Ashram Experience


Awaken to the power of sacred living

Rainy Season Ashram Experience Month

November 2018

Join us for four weeks in a powerful energy field for this special program. The rainy season Ashram Experience retreat gives you the rare opportunity to live, serve, learn and meditate together with our resident community members. You will gain priceless insights, friendships, and heart-melting moments of divine love that can change your life forever. 

Rainy Season at an Ashram 

Predating the time of Buddha, the tradition of yogis gathering for intensive meditation retreats has been observed by ashrams and monastic orders in India and other parts of the world that experience prolonged (monsoon) rainy seasons.


Rainy season is a time for us to enter into deep meditation and inner silence. The season is concentrated around our annual two-week silent meditation retreat that happens at the end of October, so you will be stepping into a particularly powerful energy field.

A sample week includes:
  • Daily pre-dawn meditation

  • Evening community meditation and classes 

  • 2 - 3 hatha yoga classes a week

  • 1 hour study time a day (for reading and journal assignments)

  • 18 - 20 hours of seva (community selfless service in the areas of kitchen, food processing, greenhouse, gardens, housekeeping, etc.)

  • Ashram tours, outdoor walks and time in our pristine gardens

  • 3 spiritual study classes in small groups

  • 2 extended mid-morning meditation sittings with a senior yogi

  • 1 meditative artistic expression class

Time for communing

As well as extended time for meditation and contemplation our Ashram Experience Program offers you the opportunity to spend time alongside our ashram residents and take part in some of the artisan skills that form an integral part of our everyday life such as cheese making, fermentation, bread baking, honey production, herbal medicine and tincture making.

The joy of service

Working with others, sometimes in the gardens, harvesting fruits and vegetables, sometimes in the ashram kitchen, sometimes sweeping or wiping tables, sometimes pruning fruit trees—every moment will be a meditation, a pristine appreciation of being present, in the miracle of life. Such magical moments of quiet connectivity will arouse the recognition that you are a cell in a living super-organism. You will know the secret joy of merging in the lovestream that flows from the Source through our spiritual tribe.

Before you apply...

Please take your time to review the points below to ensure that this is the right program for you.

General Requirements for Prospective Applicants

  • A sincere interest and, ideally, some experience in meditation

  • A genuine desire to practice a less egocentric mode of living

  • Commitment to the goal of ego transformation and transcendence is always at the core of everything we do; for this reason, we ask participants to commit to the keeping of the Yamas and Niyamas (ethical yogic vows) and upholding our Ashram Guidelines for the duration of their stay here

  • Familiarity and resonance with Shunyamurti’s teachings before applying

  • Completion of Shunyamurti’s book, “The Transformational Imperative” before arriving (buy The Transformational Imperative now)

  • A willingness to take part in transformational healing (Atmanology) sessions

  • The ability to cheerfully cope with the challenges of living in an active and hard-working monastic community

  • The ability to adapt to our diet which is strictly vegetarian, with some gluten free and vegan options available. Although we aim to cater to everyone’s dietary needs and preferences, we cannot accommodate acute food sensitivities or allergies

  • A willingness to live in a remote location: we are 45 minutes drive from clinics, shops, and other services, and there is no regular shuttle service or public transportation directly to the ashram

  • Financial resources to cover your personal needs (including all insurances, medical care/emergencies, transportation, and visa costs if coming from another country) for the duration of your stay

  • You must be at least 18 years old by your prospective date of arrival

Ready to apply?


November 1 - 29 (includes Quantumplation Weekend)


$1950 - shared room for 4 weeks
$2250 - private room for 4 weeks

Application Request Form

Please fill in the form and Amrita, our Visit Coordinator will get back to you with an application form. 

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