Ashram Experience


Awaken to the power of sacred living

Live, Serve, learn and Meditate

Gain priceless insights, friendships, and heart-melting moments of divine love that can change your life forever. 

Experience a life-changing opportunity to deepen and accelerate your spiritual growth and meditation practice as part of an open-hearted community dedicated to inner transformation and cultural rebirth. 

The Sat Yoga Ashram is now home to 27 permanent residents who form the core of our growing community. Be integrated into this supportive environment, and feel a part of its sublime energy field and superorganismic power.

Enjoy the beautiful natural setting of the Sat Yoga Ashram in the mountains of southern Costa Rica. Take part in community life with several daily meditation sittings, special classes in the arts, satsangs in the company of Shunyamurti, and opportunities to share ideas with the ashram resident yogis during meals, karma yoga shifts (communal service), and group discussions. 


Gathering together to sit in inner silence, abiding in pure presence, will bring changes to your body and your personality—deeper serenity, youthfulness, health, and happiness, will emerge spontaneously the longer you stay. The energy field transmits vitality. You will come to enjoy the stillness of profound peace—and learn how to reproduce that sacred space when you return to your other life. You will not be the same person as before.

The joy of service

Working with others, sometimes in the gardens, harvesting fruits and vegetables, sometimes in the ashram kitchen, sometimes sweeping or wiping tables, sometimes pruning fruit trees—every moment will be a meditation, a pristine appreciation of being present, in the miracle of life. Such magical moments of quiet connectivity will arouse the recognition that you are a cell in a living super-organism. 

Time for communing

As well as extended time for meditation and contemplation our Ashram Experience Program offers you the opportunity to spend time alongside our ashram residents and take part in some of the artisan skills that form an integral part of our everyday life.


Optional One-to-One Sessions

Through years of study, yogic training and clinical experience, Shunyamurti has also created a revolutionary dyadic approach to inner work called Atmanology. You can significantly accelerate your transformation by engaging in one-to-one sessions


Upcoming Ashram Experience Programs

Due to Coronavirus our next Ashram Experience will take place in 2021

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