Sat Yoga Ashram

A Refuge for Seekers of Peace

A new kind of Ashram

What is an ashram?

Since the beginning of human history, the ashram has emerged as the archetypal form of sacred community. It is a school for the ascension of consciousness, a fountain of living wisdom, and a healing refuge that offers the nectar of divine love to all who visit. An ashram offers space for contemplation and renewal.​


A contemporary ashram

Our ashram is a sanctuary guided by wisdom, informed by current scientific knowledge and psychoanalytic insight and protected by Dharma, where you can shed the stress and armoring needed to cope with life in a culture on the edge of collapse. In the vitality of our 

energy field,your heart and mind can open again to their full potential, and see reality with new eyes—and new hope. The profound and paradoxical teachings and energy of Shunyamurti will bring about a paradigm shift that can free you from the pain you are feeling in your heart. You will be able to recognize the perfection of the apparently imperfect situations you must endure. You will find new maps to navigate your way through life. You will find the hidden key to inner freedom and joy.

"An ashram is an avatar factory, a human butterfly farm, a spawning ground for angels."

~ Shunyamurti

Ashram Living

An Existential Paradigm Shift


The Sat Yoga Ashram offers a way of life designed to optimize growth, creativity, and individuation. The social structure is designed to be protective, sustainable, caring, and innovative.


Daily life in our community is always different, filled with new cultural events, new learnings, new responsibilities and challenges, and new opportunities to build friendships.


Our wholistic approach to life grants the rare gift of breaking through limited mindsets. Every difficulty is treated as an opportunity for growth and self-refinement.


The key to the victory over depressive narcissism, anxiety, psychosomatic symptoms, or other self-sabotaging tendencies is the ashram’s dedication to truthfulness, mutuality, and the necessity and efficacy of sacrifice. Thus, we keep faith with the timeless yogic vows, the well-known Yamas and Niyamas.

Ashram Dharma

a refuge for Healing and Liberation


In order to be able to offer a refuge for all seekers, we abide by the Sat Dharma


In this teaching, Shunyamurti explains why our ashram dharma is so important, for the community, for all who visit, and for the realization of our highest Self.

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