Our Approach

An integrated non-dogmatic path

An approach to healing, transformation

and Self-realization

Our approach recognizes the value and congruence of all authentic paths. We focus on meditation, inner work, study, and service to deconstruct the ego illusion, heal the soul, and realize the Self.


Sat Yoga applies the ancient tradition of offering teachings that accord with whatever level of psycho-spiritual development a seeker has reached.  A few people are ready for direct insight into the ultimate nature of the Real, and do not have any need for techniques or preliminary ego purification. Others require working through various limited frames of reference before they are able to realize pure awareness without boundaries. Still others require deeper processing to heal from the effects of past trauma and adverse conditionings, decisions in favor of dysfunction, and the acquisition of mind parasites.


Whatever level you are at when you arrive, you will quickly learn how to access the luminosity and latent powers of your innermost Essence. 



The Sat Yoga approach offers many tools for overcoming inner conflicts, depression and anxiety, and psychosomatic symptoms, while developing your capacity for divine love, clear thinking, and empowered will. You will become liberated, first from ego, then from all limiting paradigms, and then into the timeless rapture of the Supreme Real.

The Four Pillars

Release unwanted habits and develop a healthy, noble, and mature character. You will attain peace of mind, clarity of purpose, and the capacity to function as an impeccable spiritual warrior. Through applying the four central pillars of our approach, you will easily discover your Buddha Nature of Pure Presence.


Inner Work




Raja Yoga


Meditation is the core (non)activity of ancient Yoga. It is the immediate realization of the pristine joyous Primordial State. We practice free form meditation.


Many will need a gradual approach to attaining full realization. The basic principle of this path is to accept your state of being unconditionally, pay attention to the silent space between your thoughts, and eventually enter into the deeper strata of pure awareness, undisturbed by thought or affect.


Inner Work

Kundalini Yoga

By understanding the various developmental rungs of consciousness, beginning with the egocentric stages, you will move up through the levels of soul consciousness, and into the vastness of the unbounded Self.

The accurate Kundalini map will enable you to stabilize at ever higher grades of power and vibrational frequency, culminating in the blissful chakras of pure luminous intensity. You will be redeemed forever from self-imposed limitations, pathological ways of thinking and acting, and you will activate your inner genius to its full potential. 



Gyana Yoga - Internalizing the Logos


The curriculum of our Wisdom School focuses on potentiating the cognitive capacity through psycho-spiritual study to grok the Supreme Reality.  Our program synthesizes the insights of science, philosophy, and psychology, together with the ancient esoteric teachings of all traditions of the perennial philosophy.

Radha Ma, head of the teaching faculty at the ashram, leading a Study Group



Karma Yoga - The Inculcation of Virtue


Through karma yoga, or egoless communal service to repair the world, we weave together all the threads of our approach.


Whether harvesting vegetables, helping build a home of wattle and daub, designing computer graphics, cooking a meal, or arranging flowers in the meditation hall, all our service is carried out as a work of art, with great care and love, and an attitude of joy and humility. Service is the realm of effortless and egoless action: it is where we walk our talk and live the teachings. 

Exploring The Depths of Consciousness 

Dive into the Ocean of the Super Mind


Our approach is designed to take us out of the shallows of the ego and into the forbidden depths of the Real. In this teaching, Shunyamurti guides us out of the superficial into the realm of Truth.

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